Your fans...dialed in. Your brand...cranked up.

Welcome to the TurnUp Group. We’re a bunch of creative, hard-working, music lovers pouring our passion and expertise into the fan experience. Through full-service Online Ticketing, VIP Experience Programs and Merchandising Services, we generate streams of revenue for brands and artists while satisfying their fans with unique, buzz-worthy experiences.

In an ever-evolving industry where the rulebook has become obsolete, it pays to have a firm experienced in blazing new trails.

It’s time to TurnUp the creativity.


Online Ticketing

Touring artists and venues TurnUp TICKET SALES with our customizable online ticketing system.

Our completely customized, online ticketing system offers fan club members access to tickets before they are available to the general public while also providing client artists another revenue stream.

TurnUp Group’s integrated ticketing system also provides venue clients the ability to sell tickets through their own websites. Service fees generate steady, consistent cash flow.

Strategic partnerships with other ticket retailers such as Ticketmaster, Ticketek and Live Nation allow TurnUp Group to capitalize on the marketing power of the larger platform to create additional revenue while still offering quality, personal service.

VIP Experiences

It’s time to TurnUp the EXPERIENCE.

If you’re looking to provide unique, well-executed VIP experiences on tour, we’ve got you covered. An experienced staff with an impeccable industry reputation operates the TurnUp Group’s VIP Experience Program.

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about our programs – each VIP experience is customized to match the tour, artist’s vibe and fan base.

Popular offerings include artist meet and greets, catered pre-show parties with entertainment and libations, exclusive VIP merchandise, and artist-fan interactive activities.

The VIP business is based on monetizing unique experiences that connect fans to their favorite artists. Subsequently, well-executed VIP experiences drive profits in other business lines such as fan club memberships and online store purchases.

The TurnUp Group VIP experience team is skilled at creating packages that increase sales across all divisions.

Let our creativity be your guide.

Online Stores

TurnUp your BRAND. We create custom online stores to showcase and sell your merchandise so you can focus on your core business.

After creating merchandise uniquely suited for each brand’s audience we develop an online store providing a consistent, year-round revenue stream and another touch point for fans to connect with their favorite bands, artists, or brands.

Any client with a branded or marketable name can greatly benefit from having an online store.

TurnUp Group is equipped to manage online merchandise for major touring clients as well as smaller, non-touring clients. We also have extensive experience managing online stores for brands and clients outside of the music industry.

TurnUp Group manages every detail of the web store itself including, but not limited to:

  • Physical product design and creation
  • Design and maintenance of the online store itself
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment including packing and shipping
  • Promotions to improve sales and customer relations
  • Responsive, professional and courteous customer service both online and via our call center

While online services such as iTunes currently dominate the digital download market, many fans prefer supporting their favorite artists directly. TurnUp Group-designed online stores deliver such demands – fans can download tracks via our convenient, user-friendly online store platform.

For the most popular acts, online merchandise is also a way for fans to know they are getting "authentic" band memorabilia. With many knock-offs and imitations available, clients’ fans who purchase through TurnUp Group’s online stores know they are buying merchandise designed for and approved by their favorite bands and artists.

TurnUp Group is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service both as a standard tenet of our philosophy and as an extension of our clients’ reputations.


Our expertise will TurnUp your SALES.

In the constantly changing music/entertainment industry, touring is the lifeblood of most artists’ careers. It is also the platform where that magical artist-fan connection burns brightest.

Besides sharing in the celebration and creation of live music, touring provides a stage (pun intended) for artist branding and merchandising, and when done right, can generate significant revenues.

The TurnUp Group strives to provide fans with products on par with our clients’ musical performances. Each tour product line is uniquely tailored to the individual artist and their audience. We meet the demands of highly engaged fans by delivering only the highest standard of service and quality of products.

The TurnUp Group merchandising division has nearly 20 years experience handling every aspect of a client’s tour and event sales – down to the nitty gritty. From inventive product development and design, to the ability to source the highest quality goods at the best prices – we’ve got you covered. We also offer expert inventory and shipping/freight management, a professional road staff, and timely and accurate accounting.

Web Services

TurnUp the PRESENCE. Perception is reality and the internet is one big playground of opportunity. Let us help up your game.

TurnUp Group offers a full range of web services including:

  • Artist/brand website design and development - Our technical team is skilled at building sleek, user-friendly websites from scratch, improving existing sites and/or managing ongoing site modifications.
  • Mobile site development – With over 1 billion smartphone users around the globe it’s imperative to have a convenient, user-friendly mobile website. Over 80% of users surf the web via their smartphone.
  • Email marketing - This is an add-on service for current TurnUp Group clients looking to increase touch points and stay top-of-mind with their consumer base.
  • Social media management - Social activity and reputation management are imperative to fan-centric brands. We’ll tell your story in real time and nurture your brand’s relationship with fans and followers.

When bundled with our other resources, these web services help build a consistent and cohesive online presence, deepening the connection with fans while generating additional revenue.

Fan Clubs

TurnUp the CONNECTION. Super-fan portals generate traffic, conversation, buzz and ultimately… REVENUE.

Fans who desire a closer connection to their favorite band or artist purchase official Fan Club memberships. Fans signing up for membership enjoy access to exclusive content, artist photos, videos, presale ticketing and up-to-date news.

Official fan clubs also provide a forum for super fans to engage and communicate with each other.

The fan club service maintains a high profit margin and assists in driving online stores, ticketing, and VIP sales. You’re a fan of driving profits, right?

Who We Are

In an industry where the rulebook has been thrown out the window, it pays to have a firm experienced in blazing new trails.

An artist’s bread and butter has always been in concert ticket sales as labels have traditionally reaped the disproportionate benefit of music sales. The internet, social media marketing and online music communities have shifted consumer preferences taking a major bite out of music sales, but opening a whole world of possibilities for artists (both with label representation and without) to generate revenue.

In a loud, vibrant, fast-paced industry it pays to have music fanatics managing the fan experience and the subsequent revenue streams. The TurnUp Group is comprised of industry experts passionate about growing brands while nurturing the fan-artist bond through unique touch points and experiences.

We started from scratch – working from home, putting in absurd hours and building a reputation for on-our-feet problem solving and creative revenue generation solutions.

Our business has grown from a few folks in home offices to a corporate office and merchandising warehouse. We employ a top-notch customer service staff, tireless ticketing agents, a rock star VIP team and determined road staff. We are comfortable and competent in a boardroom, backstage, and on a tour bus.

The TurnUp Group keeps consumers and fans connected to their favorite artists and brands - an integral piece of the puzzle. We have the resources, relationships, knowledge and experience to navigate the world of entertainment while enhancing branding and revenues for our clients all while satisfying the demand and desires of fans worldwide. WHEW! It’s a great big job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Meet our fearless leaders:

Betsy Dees

CEO / Head of Merchandise

Don’t let the title fool you. Besides being the team’s resident merchandising expert, Betsy is also TurnUp’s jack-of-all-trades, willing to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty when needed. Betsy uses her 20 years of management and customer service experience to create stores tailored to fit every client. Whether a brick and mortar or an online store, Betsy is a powerhouse of knowledge able to combine the clients’ needs and the consumers’ wants to create the ideal fit and outstanding customer experiences.

When she’s not turning up sales for our clients, Betsy finds her zen playing pool. Betsy’s known to run the table and then buy you a shot of whiskey. She’s an all-out Texas girl with the need to succeed. She brings this winning ambition into every aspect of her life, making her a formidable business partner and someone you want in your corner.

Jennette Everett

VP of Ticketing and VIP

We’re not sure if it’s Jennette’s love of music, her sparkling personality, her unwavering tenacity or just plain luck, but she’s had one helluva rock star career. Jennette got her start in the music biz as Fan Club Manager for Music World Entertainment – the management company for Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. During her six years with Music World, Jennette built and expanded their Fan Club division and toured the world as a part of more than 10 concert tours with: Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown. After leaving Music World, Jennette had the pleasure of working on Fan Club and VIP Program development for a wide variety of artists including: Mary J Blige, Lil Wayne, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, T-Pain, Cyndi Lauper and Sugarland. We’re pretty sure Jennette made one heck of an impression on Beyoncé… because she took a chance on TurnUp Group, the boutique firm Jennette had recently started with her partners, and had faith they would successfully manage her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

Life on the road suits Jennette and feeds her travel bug. At last count she’d visited 43 countries on six continents… Antarctica, you’re next.

Christopher P. Obal

VP of Finance

Chris is our resident comedian, cinephile and rain man; seriously, this guy is crazy good with the numbers. He worked for two of the Big Four professional services firms (and hated every minute of it). After passing his CPA exam in 2000, Chris worked in the private sector and for America’s milk monopoly, Dean Foods. Music and movies run through this Queens, NY, native’s blood, which is why he dropped out of prime time accounting and worked in the film industry full-time for a few years. He found the best of both worlds with the TurnUp Group. He now enjoys a balanced diet of number crunching, live music and filmmaking.

Mike Graham

VP of Technology

Mike is our resident family man and web geek with over 15 years experience designing, building and maintaining websites, online stores, ticketing platforms and web applications. Mike has worked his techie magic for Beyoncé, Willie Nelson, Gorillaz, Sugarland, Styx, Cyndi Lauper, Matchbox Twenty, Pat Green, Ministry, Shiner Beer, Hooey Brands and more. When you meet Mike ask him about his days as a touring musician...He claims to have played every honky-tonk, roadhouse, dive bar, dance hall, and county fair in Texas!

Seven fun years of marriage and two sons later, Mike's life on the road has been replaced with Little League games and late night coding binges.

Liz Johnson

VP of Client Relations

After spending the early part of her career in Boston and San Francisco working for large, public ad agencies, Liz ventured out as a finance and operational services consultant. Traveling between LA, Austin, and her home base, San Francisco, she worked with clients from a variety of industries, including an organizational development firm, a children’s educational website, and several in the music and entertainment biz. It was on one of these gigs that she met Jennette, Mike, Betsy and Chris. It was clear from the start that this team was meant to do great things together.

Liz oversees all aspects of TurnUp Group’s client relations: She is as likely to be working on a proposal or negotiating a contract as she is to be creating complex payout reports for clients. In fact, Liz’s wheelhouse is analysis, and is our local Excel guru. Imagine thousands upon thousands of sales records synthesized down and wrapped in a tidy bow for TurnUp Group management and their clients. Chances are, Liz already has it done.